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June 21st 2022

Diamond Size Chart

By Devin Jones

Select a specific diamond shape to see more detailed information and diamond size charts for each.

Round Diamond Size Chart Round
Cushion Diamond Size Chart Cushion
Emerald Diamond Size Chart Emerald
Oval Diamond Size Chart Oval
Princess Diamond Size Chart Princess
Pear Diamond Size Chart Pear
Radiant Diamond Size Chart Radiant
Asscher Diamond Size Chart Asscher
Heart Diamond Size Chart Heart
Marquise Diamond Size Chart Marquise

Diamond Carat Size Chart

As you can see from the below diamond carat size table, marquise diamonds have the largest average length & width due to their elongated shape. Princess cut diamonds have the smallest average length & width per carat.

The numbers below represent the average length and width in millimeters for each shape.

Shape 1 Carat 2 Carat 3 Carat 4 Carat 5 Carat
Asscher 5.4 mm 6.9 mm 8 mm 8.7 mm 9.5 mm
Cushion 5.6 mm 7.2 mm 8.2 mm 9 mm 9.7 mm
Emerald 5.7 mm 7.2 mm 8.2 mm 9 mm 9.6 mm
Heart 6.4 mm 8.1 mm 9.2 mm 10.4 mm 11 mm
Marquise 7.7 mm 9.6 mm 11.2 mm 12.1 mm 13.4 mm
Oval 6.7 mm 8.4 mm 9.6 mm 10.6 mm 11.3 mm
Pear 7.1 mm 8.9 mm 10.1 mm 11.2 mm 12 mm
Princess 5.3 mm 6.8 mm 7.8 mm 8.6 mm 9.1 mm
Radiant 5.7 mm 7.3 mm 8.3 mm 9.3 mm 9.9 mm
Round 6.3 mm 8 mm 9.2 mm 10.2 mm 10.9 mm

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