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Diamond Prices

Use our diamond price charts and diamond price lists to track daily diamond prices and determine the fair value of your diamond. Since diamond prices change over time, we aggregate hundreds of thousands of daily diamond prices from the most reliable sources including our top rated online jewelers. Choose your inputs to see a diamond price chart and relevant diamond prices for your specific diamond category.

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Diamond Prices

Shape Category Price 3 Months
Round 1 Carat G Color $7,909
Round 1 Carat H Color $6,922
Round 1 Carat I Color $5,634
Round 1 Carat J Color $4,628
Round 2 Carat G Color $31,563
Round 2 Carat H Color $27,321
Round 2 Carat I Color $22,901
Round 2 Carat J Color $19,579
Price Performance for Round Diamonds

The price of diamonds changes daily. StoneAlgo tracks daily diamond price data from a variety of online jewelers to help our users better understand how much a diamond costs today and how that price stacks up to historical prices for the same type of diamond. Here are some of the key features we offer to help guide you on your diamond journey.

Diamond Price History Charts

Diamond price charts show the price trend for a specific diamond category over time. For instance, if you select “round”, “1 carat”, “g color”, “vs2 clarity” and click submit, you’ll see a historical price chart of diamond data based on our extensive database for all diamonds that match those 4 criteria. If you want to simply see all round 1 carat diamonds you can deselect the “g color” and “vs2 clarity” to show prices across all 1 carat round diamonds. Filtering by these different categories can help you better understand various diamond values based on slightly different characteristics.

Diamond Price List

When you first arrived at our diamond prices page you were presented with tables that listed the diamond prices for various carat weights of round diamonds. When you submit a new diamond pricing category you can see a table showing a list of current diamond prices for the best available diamonds in our database that match your search criteria. These diamond price lists give you a quick snapshot but you can see even more diamond options in our diamond search engine.

Diamond Pricing Guide

For even more in-depth advice on how to pick out the perfect diamond, regardless of shape, engagement ring setting style, or earring style, check out our most popular diamond pricing guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

How are diamonds priced?

Diamonds are priced by diamond dealers based on the market for similar diamonds of the same shape, color, clarity, and other key characteristics. Most jewelry professionals discuss diamond prices in terms of price per carat and then calculate the diamonds final price by multiplying price-per-carat by carat weight to solve the diamond’s final price.

How much does a diamond cost?

Diamond prices vary significantly based on the diamond’s shape, color, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, polish, symmetry, and other important factors. For example, an expensive 1 carat D color IF clarity diamond can cost over $20,000 while a 1 carat K color SI2 clarity diamond currently costs closer to $2,500. Most shocking though is that many people would have a hard time telling the difference between these two diamonds, especially when they are set in an engagement ring setting or diamond stud earrings.

How much are diamonds worth?

Diamonds are more valuable than just about any other naturally occurring mineral based on weight, particularly jewelry quality diamonds like those in the colorless, near colorless, and faint colored diamond color grade ranges. A gram of gold is currently worth less than $100, while 1 gram of diamond would equate to a 5 carat stone which could be priced at over $400,000.

While they are expensive, diamonds are not considered a good investment since most jewelers and websites will only offer about 50% of the original price for a diamond on the resale market. Recycled diamonds are becoming more popular and offer a great, sustainable alternative to lab grown diamonds.

How much do lab grown diamonds cost?

In general, lab grown diamonds cost about 67% less than natural diamonds. This price relationship changes over time along with changing consumer sentiments over natural and lab grown diamonds but generally speaking lab grown diamonds have always been far less expensive than natural diamonds despite being chemically identical and physically indifferentiable.

Some consumers unfairly ask the difference in price between real diamonds and fake diamonds, but it is generally understood now that due to their physical composition lab grown diamonds are very much “real diamonds” despite being manufactured in a lab.

What is diamond price per carat?

Diamond price per carat is the pricing methodology that jewelers and diamond dealers use to discuss diamond prices in the same way that real estate agents talk about home prices in terms of “price per square foot”. To calculate a diamond’s price per carat, simply divide the total price by the number of carats. For example, if a 2 carat diamond costs $20,000 then the price per carat for that diamond is $10,000 per carat.

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