Search and compare the best diamonds with StoneAlgo and our partners. Highest quality required.

StoneAlgo has hand picked the best online diamond retailers. These retailers exhibit certain qualities that we believe must be present when making a significant buying decision such as an engagement diamond.

Our guiding principle is that we'll only show diamonds on our platform if we would recommend them to close friends and family. That goes for the retailers as well. To that end we've decided to limit the number of online jewelers we show on the platform, focusing instead on trusted names that are quality and customer focused.

Detailed Reviews
Read our detailed reviews to learn more about the services our partners offer from free returns to a lifetime warranty.
  • Blue Nile

    Blue Nile has over 125,000 diamonds with real 360 degree videos and HD images and over 160,000 total diamonds listed on their site.

  • Brian Gavin

    The eponymous Brian Gavin Diamonds was founded in 2009 by 5th generation diamond cutter Brian Gavin.

  • Do Amore

    Do Amore offers a unique ring buying experience through their three promises: You change another life forever, you get a high quality ring, and receive top notch service.

  • Ritani

    Ritani has an excellent diamond selection, top notch service and a unique in-store preview program.

  • Whiteflash

    Whiteflash offers a mix of ultra-high quality diamonds from their in-house inventory and less expensive virtual inventory.